Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post Numero Uno

Welcome to our family blog! Until now I have been a a blog reader - mostly of crafty blogs such as Prudent Baby , Happy Together , Craftiness is Not Optional , Indietutes , Sewing In No Mans Land , Grosgrain Fabulous ....the list goes on and on ! Recently I have been fascinated by blogs on ex-pat family life in Mexico : Borders Aside , Gringa-In-Mexico , My Life in Mexico (very helpful if you are interested in moving to MX) , and the picturesque Good2go2Mexico .

Now, I have given in and joined the millions of people who publicly broadcast details of their lives... the ranks of people who reach into the world wide interweb (as cousin S would say) and make connections with people they would have otherwise not know.  All along, planning this move to Mexico, I have intended to blog pictures of the girls and little stories on our little life.  Preparing for this move though, I have stumbled across lots of varied information on "how to move to Mexico" .  There is  A LOT of information (and misinformation) out there.  Visas, paperwork, millions of routes to cross the border, rules on importing household goods- how to deal with Aduanas, Mexican officials looking for mordidas (bribes) , and mostly- how wonderful life can be SOTB (south of the border).  The more I read, the more excited I become to meet Papi's family, to start our lives SOTB, and to introduce our gorditas to the other half of where they come from.  I am sad to leave our family and friends here NOTB (north of the border), but more sad that Dad won't be here to see us off.  Not a day goes by that I don't hear his voice, always guiding me through life.  As when it was when he was alive, his voice of reason doesn't always agree with mine- but that is how I know it is truly his voice speaking to me now and will be always there.

In sum, thanks those of you reading along (all one of you) - I hope that something here on this blog may help you move to Mexico if that is what you are considering!  I have come across some very helpful people (check out the forums on MexConnect !) - one of whom Papi and I spoke with last night on the phone for over an hour !!  This man must be some sort of guardian angel sent to assist us, I swear! He answered about 1 million questions, and promised to answer any more that we should have.  He also offered to drive with us / caravan on our route to Mexico City if he should happen to be NOTB when we make our departure.  A complete "stranger" , that I made acquaintances with in the world wide interweb.  Technology is truly amazing, isn't it?

To those of you who are family and friends reading this- xoxoxo.  Those that are future friends - xoxo.
-the Mami

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