Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pictures of where we live (my inlaws house)....

I know the family has been waiting patiently to see where we live.....


Kitchen Table

Helping mommy hang diaper laundry (notice the cacti Grandmother Anne and Uncle Irish?)
View off the roof, of the streets in front of the house
C "helping" in the patio.  My mexican style washing machine behind her!

the "patio" (its inside , sorta) where the washing machines are, the kitchen sink. And where Mama Nanda is getting a haircut

playing outside
A playing in the kitchen

Room where mother in law, sister in law, father in law and the four of us sleep (ours is our king size bed from home thank goodness!!)

next room where brother in law sleeps (and lots of clothes storage)

room after brother in laws room- the living and dining room (where we spend most of our time!)

Petting Oliver, Tia's puppy! "ver" as C says

view in front of the house.

Front door


  1. Cloth diapers! I used those when my girls were smaller. Drying them on the line here takes no time at all!

    The house seems like a good size. Although, I see you don't have much privacy. It is also nice to have that fence in front of the house. Keeps those little ones nice and safe!

    Love all the pictures! I am actually doing a video post of my house today. We are on the same wavelength.

    How is everything going with your adjustment to living down here? Seems like you are well adjusted already.

  2. Valarie, we are pretty well adjusted. Any discord comes more from living and breathin inlaws 24/7 . They are pretty great but have their own ideas about things regarding the girls ( eating watermelon would cause colic in a 10month old? Think not.) lots of cultural but also generational differences - especially with my mother in law (who didnt breastfeed her kiddos and started them on real food at 2 months old) besides that, everything here already feels pretty normal!!

    I LOVE hanging the diapers here, disinfects like nobodies business and they smell super clean (even with the mexico city smog) . So cool you used them too! We love them, Im a bit crazy about cloth (I make mine) most people think its weird, but I think its making a comeback :)

    Cant wait to see the video of your house!

  3. make your own diapers! Well there you go, you have a business waiting for you whenever you're ready! Hang in there with the in-laws.

  4. I am so glad to finally get to see some pictures.... So now I can picture you every day hanging out. How is construction coming on your rooms? It's always slower than you want it to be!! I can imagine that you have some conflicted feelings going from being VERY independent here to being very IN THE MIDDLE OF the family 24 /7. But what great memories you are making for the girls. Sorry I don't know much about the other posts you mentioned... don't have that.

    We are fairly chaotic here, with the addition of a dog and 2 cats!! But the move went well with all their stuff - all that you brought over is now safely in a storage unit - and A is in Columbia researching places to live and school. R will be coming in 3 weeks or so - It's going to be so awesome to be be able to see them so much more often.

    So what are you doing during the day? Sorry if I asked this before... I can't remember... Is L working with his dad? Are you mainly hanging out with the girls / and cooking some of that great looking food I saw ?

    Keep the pictures coming!
    Love and hugs to you all,

  5. That is good to hear. Life in Mexico is very different. Having an open mind and the willingness to just jump in helps a lot. But, living with inlaws would cause a different sort of issue. The differences of opinions, due to culture and a different generation, is bound to happen. Just stand your ground on the ones you truly can't budge on and the others, well, just nod and go on! There seem to be a lot of superstitions here in Mexico. Some I just find beyond crazy. Good luck with all of that!

    Having cloth diapers was nice. I bought a bunch (having two in diapers, too) and they were expensive! I still have them in the closet! Once you get into a routine of using them, they aren't much of a problem at all! But, you are right. Cloth diapers seem to be the more "in" thing to do now. Well, in the States it seems that way. I can see a lot of roofs with clothes hanging and I never see any cloth diapers here. It might be easy and cheaper for people here to use disposables. With electricity being expensive and having to hang all your other clothes if you don't have a dryer, the added expense of washing them might not be so attractive to people here.

    What are some of the things you are loving about living down here? What is your timeline of getting your own place? Hopefully things smooth out a bit with your advise-giving inlaws! :)

  6. My Tia makes the BEST cloth diapers! -cousin A
    I'm so impressed with your ability to embrace your big familia. I definitely don't think I could acclimate to room-sharing with my inlaws. I am definitely jealous of your sunshine dried diapers. Our wet cold winter is making me long for you weather.

  7. Jackie, thanks for the hang in there sentiments. They mean well, so I try not to be tooo upset ;)

    Maggie, working on a post of what we doall day, its a long one with pictures and everything! Basically I am themami... So pretty much what I did back home but in a slightly different context. Sounds likeyou are keeping busy, 3 new animals?!? Wow, sounds like fun. Hope Anna searching goes well, where is she livingright now then ( or who is she stayingwithin Colombia?)? Luis works with his dad all day, amd the shop is next door to the house so heis available when we need him for something. Very convienent! Hugs to all!

    Valarie, we start construction on the soon as we choose an architect! we have had 4 bids, the man wants to get one more opinion! LOL the architects say anywhere from 3-6 months on construction... So in mexican time, probably by the end of the year we will have our own place :). You may be right about the electricity thing, maybe thats why people dont do cloth as much here? My MIL seems slihtly horrified how many times I run my washer for oneload of dipes ;). Oh well, it is for the health of my two sweet daughters, noone can arguewith that! Right?

    Sasstress, tell that cute baby boy he is the best dipe model Ive ever created diapers for ;) you are welcme to fly down anytime and enjoy te warm weather....perhaps I can come up with an emergency "reason" why you "need" to come down! Ill brainstorm ideas ;)

  8. I understand how you feel about the in-laws. I have been living with mine for about a year now and sometimes I just have to close the door turn up the tv and stay away for awhile. They definetly have their own opinions on everything but if I dont agree I will just say yea sure and then go and do it my way. Luckily they are not really pushy, they will say what they want but dont tell me anything if I choose diferently. Great photos.

  9. My suegra has one of those washing machines. I had no idea what it was the 1st time I saw it. Enjoying reading your blog.

  10. Lisa, Wow. Im not sure I would last a year! At least yours arentsuper pushy. Mine arent pushy, just opinionated. LoL. I will keep your ideas in mind - I can always smile and nod andpretend Indontunderstand, right? ;)

    Tara, welcome! I didntnknow what it was either, but it washes better than the HE washer my suegra has. HE washer suck for diapers, since they hardly use any water. MaybeIm a little to concerned for the diaper laundry, eh?