Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cost of living in Mexico - Costco

From our recent shopping trip, notes I took and some we purchased

~~~~edited to add : prices are in MXN pesos and prices are for northern Mexico City. As Val pointed out, they vary depending on the city you are in ~~~~~

Grocery Items -
Balsamic Vinegar (1LT) 149$
Thai Peanut Sauce (1LT) 94$
ZenTea Green Tea (150 servings) 159$
Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter* (48 oz) 97.90$
Avocado Oil (2 bottles of 16.8oz) 117$
Hersheys Chocolate (3bottles) 102$
Vanilla (473ml) 94.90$
White Flour** (22KG) 165$
Whole Almonds (48oz) 149$
Walnut Pieces (48oz) 259$
Soy Milk (12 cartons of 946ml) 249$
Rice Milk (12 cartons of 946ml) 246$
Free Range Eggs (24) 41.50$
Non Free Range Eggs (18) 24$
Egg Whites in carton (6 packages of 454g) 149$
Splenda*** (500 packets) 169$
All juices (2 jugs of 2.84 L) 115$
Hummus (16 individual servings) 91$
Babybel Cheese (15 pieces) 98$
Feta Cheese (680g) 92.50$
Gorganzola Cheese 179$/ kilo
Parmesan Cheese 149$/kilo
Turkey Breast Natural 115$/kilo
Canned Chicken Breast (6 cans of 354g each) 162$

Around the House
Baby Wipes (900) 329$
Kingsford Charcoal (2 bags of 10.5kg) 299$
Diapers - not a good deal. Size 4-5 were 150 diapers for 699$ . Better at Walmart or Chedraui

One Time Purchases
Honeywell Portable Cooler (mini AC) model CA10AE 1399$
Pantry Shelving large unit (6 shelves 48 in wide and 76in tall) 1459$
Pantry Shelving small unit (4 shelves 36 inch wide and 54 inch tall) 549$
GE Lamp battery powered (260 lumens) 379$

* I havent seen organic or natural peanut butter at Costcos in MX, even though they had them in the states. I have seen natural peanut butter at Walmart.
** They only sell white flour
*** They had other artificial sweeteners, but not Stevia which is what I was looking for , for my MIL. Walmart and Chedraui do have Stevia.


  1. I don't know about Mexico City, but we frequent Aguascalientes, a decent sized city. I can tell you that the cost of "living in Mexico" is different when you are in a small town. Things are almost always more expensive in the city. The reason we go so often, to Costco AND Sam's Club, is for things that I can't find in our small town. But, the things that are here, I always buy here.

    So, you have a disadvantage with prices due to being in the city. But, you also have the advantage of more jobs (probably giving more money) than in a small town.

    After 4.5 years, I tend to not even worry about the prices if it is something I want. Because, most likely, it is going to be more pricey than buying it in the States. Mexico baffles me that way. So many things don't make sense.

  2. Valarie -

    For sure, prices are different even withon Mexico City. But with gas and food on the road no point in driving for us when we have so many locations local here.

    I ahould have specified that prices are A) in pesos and B) in northern Mexico City. ;)

    I am doing a comparison of prices at the places we shop : mostly Chedraui, Walmart and Costco. I have been meaning to check out Sorianna since people say it has better prices than Walmart, but it isnt as close to the house. I am starting to meal plan and when we have oir own house we will have a small deep freezer so I will want to buy certain things when I know its a good price and have it for when we need it. So Im trying to keep track, we also shop at the mercado amd a local carnerceria, which is why I didnt list and other meat besides the turkey breast - I have been super happy with the quality and freshness (and price) of our carneceria. Plus the guys there are always super nice, and if I need help finding another ingrediten in the mercado , they direct me to a stall they know of. Plus its kinda a good thing to make friends in the neighborhood, I would like to know someone has my back if we ever need anything while out and about ;) but thats another post. ;)

    By the way, your new pic looks awesome! You are looking good girl :)

  3. I have a question...are you ladies saying that CostCo prices are different depending on where the store is located? I didn't know that. I love going to CostCo to see everything they have, especially around the holidays. But you walk out with an empty wallet. Ouch!

    When we left PV and moved to GDL, we thought for sure GDL would be less expensive because PV is a tourist town and everything is based on U.S. dollars. Boy, were we wrong!!! GDL is very expensive! And yes, there are more job opportunities because it's such a big city, but quite often the salaries are VERY low because there are so many people looking for work.

    I personally think Mexico in general is not a cheap place to live when you earn pesos. For example, our girls go to a private school and we pay $8,000 pesos a month and we rent a very nice house for $10,000 pesos a month. I know that in the States you can't rent a house for that nor can you send your children to a private school for what we pay. And if you want to buy clothes that are imported (GAP, Carters, etc), they're a fortune too. I don't know...Mexico can be a frustrating place to live.

    1. Jackie -

      Yeah, even within Mexico City the Costcos have slightly different prices. Not a huge differnt, 5 pesos per kilo here, 8 pesos for wipes there, things like that. Even in the states grocery item costa vary feom atore to store at Costco. I had a membership when in the states so I was able to compare there as well!

    2. (got cut off again by the iPad)

      Anyway, prices do vary a ton - my MIL rents out the bodegas (which are one square room with a toilet. ) for 3500 pesos a month. And Valarie pays only 1300 pesos a month for her (very nice) house !! Thats a crazy difference.

      But you are so right - some things cost way more and others way less. I have given up on buying th girls the brands I liked in the States, unless I am actually in the States. So we just buy when we are there and bring it back. I habe found kids clothing to be superly cheaply made here, and often times out of horrible polyester fabric . But Im a snob about that, since I sew the girls clothes too I expect good quality fabric and worksmanship from store boguth clithes ;)

  4. Jackie, I was basically commenting that depending on where you are, prices of items are different. I didn't realize that this post was somewhat for her personal use, for her to compare prices at stores she visits. But, she labeled as "Cost of Living in Mexico" and I just wanted to make a point that someone shouldn't assume that this is the cost of living in Mexico, only in her area of Mexico (at this particular store).

    But, I would also assume that different Costcos have different prices. And, yes, they are very costly! But, some of the items I miss and want, so I don't think about what the price is because it is somewhat pointless to compare to the US price. As you have pointed out, things here in Mexico are ridiculously priced! Makes no sense, especially considering how little some people make.

    Your cost of rent is SO much more than mine. But, as I mentioned, I live in a small town and cost of living is SO different than in a big city. Most things that I can find here cost quite a bit more in Aguascalientes. You pay $10,000 pesos (I know you have a yard/outside space), but we pay only $1300 pesos a month! Big different, huh?! You just can't make a generalization about Mexico because things (food, pricing, traditions) vary depending on where you are.

    Tricia, sorry to cause a stir! I am not trying to be arguementative. I know a lot of people skim through all these "Expat" blogs and I just wanted to point the difference of prices depends on where you live. And, thanks! about the picture! I feel tons better, as you probably do too, since you lost all that weight, too!

    1. Valarie, ñyou definately arent causing a stir lol. I was just assuming that the 6 whole people reading this blog know we are in Mexico City ;) but maybe more are reading!

    2. And yes, I feel alot better but dont look at good as you are looking, thats for sure ;)