Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You call our house

The phone may be answered by my 2.5 yr old.

Se has been practicing her phone manners, and this is what she has down so far

(imagine it in a teeny tiny toddler voice)




(as in " Bueno? como estas? Estoy bien" )

When prompted she will also add "haces?" (as in "que haces¿" at the end.

Eeeeeee so cute my sweet toddler !!

(ok, so all toddlers are cute but Im partial to mine)


  1. How cute. That would be cute to listen to. Sometimes I still stop and laugh or smile when I hear a little one out on the streat speaking spanish or when I hear my niece saying ira ira.

    1. Aww my toddler has alreadystarted aaying that! "ira mama! Ira!"

  2. Too cute!! She sounds like my 2 year old niece who has became my ädopted daughter" she is always with us!!

  3. What a grown up girl!!! Very impressive!

  4. I'm sure she sounds just adorable! Not to be a downer, but I was teaching my 9 year old her phone manners and allowing her to answer the phone, when we received one of those "extortion" phone calls. It's sad, but it's the reality here in Mexico. So unfortunately, she won't be allowed to answer the phone anymore.

    1. Wow! What kind of extortion call? Poor kiddo :(

      We have caller ID so she has only answered when her Tio calls. She doesnt want to talk to anyone else ;)

  5. I can only imagine how cute it is to hear her have a little convo on the phone with tio! precious!