Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fruit breakfast for our little chilangitas

Lychees seem to be popular here in Mexico City. I was a bit confused at first, seeing all the signs for "Liches". Love that mexican culture spells things however they want! No need to be correct.

I'm still wondering if someone here in northern D.F. has a lychee farm, I have always thought of lychees as an Asian fruit...

Those who are not familiar with lychees here is a better picture on wikipedia:

They are delicious! The girls can eat about 10 eat before stopping, they can't get enough!

A fun side story : buying lychees out the car window the other day gave me a chance to banter with on of the street vendors. It was 10 pesos a bolsa ( less thn a dollar a bag) . The bag had about 30 lychees in it. On the way back from our destination, I took the same route and again was stopped in traffic next to the lychee guy. He was not enjoying the hot , sunny day. He unenthusiastically walked up to the window holding up the bags. When we made eye contact I said "yah, tengo mis liches, no me recuerdas!?" (enough, I have my bag of lychees, you dont remember me?)

He smiled and said something like "claro!" ( of course!) and I'm hoping it made his hot day on the sun easier.

ETA: 3pm We just returned from another errand passsing the same group (and of course bought more lychees!) . I counted the lychees in the bag and there are only 15 per bag, I guessed wrong! Also, the parking lot attendent at Walmart/Chedraui saw the lychee shells/skin in our cart ( yes, I bribe my children with exotic fruit to run errands, so!) and asked what the name was. So apparently they aren't as popular or well known here as I thought. He wrote the name on his wrist! As we were pulling away I hung the bag of lychees out the window and asked "no quiere uno?" ( you don't want one?) with a smile. He of course smiled back and took one, saying "gracias!" . Then he whistled and directed us out of the parking lot.


  1. I'm dying to know what they taste like! What would you compare them to?

    1. Tara, they are super delicious and "jugoso" . They have a strong floral aroma to them, and the flesh of the fruit is a translucent white , almost reminds me of shellfish (sorry gross comparison when comparing fruit to seafood.) . But oh so delicious! I think it is actually both of my girls favorite fruit.

    2. * I should have said "the trxture reminds me of shellfish" , not the flavor LOL!