Sunday, June 3, 2012

An update on cooking for the inlaws

Have made dinners the past three nights, as my MILs bday was one night , then SIL bday, and MIL didnt feel well, and and and and ( tons of reasons. Not that I need one to play in the kitchen!!)...

Made grilled steaks T-Bones and Sirloins the other night. MIL said they didn't really call her attention ( nice way to say "its not my favorite but its edible") . However she LOVED what I did with the leftovers for dinner last night.

Mexican Style Philly Cheesesteak Tortas

Leftover beef
Red bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Chipotle Mayo (recipe below)
Your favorite spices to jazz up meat ( I used cumin , oregano and paprika)
Meltable cheese (I used Queso Oaxaca and Pepperjack cheese)

Slice peppers and leftover meat into fajita sized pieces. Saute the peppers ( could also add onion!) in olive oil until almost cooked. Add meat and spoces, warm meat thouroughly. Sprinkle meat/pepper mixture with as much (or little) cheese as your heart desires. Turn off heat, cover pan and let melt.

In a seperate pan, preferably one with grill marks, heat a small amount of olive oil or butter. Cut in half the bollilo, scrape out the extra bread on the top half to make room for the filling. Also cut off the ends if you prefer (the pointy part of the bread. That is how they do it here, who knows why!?). Lightly toast bread on both sides.

Spread chipotle mayo on top and bottom slice, place meat/pepper/cheese filling inside and enjoy! Amaze that mother inlaw!! Make sure and tell her that is an "american" style sandwich so we spread the word that we eat more than hamburgers! ;)

Chipotle Mayo Recipe

400 grams of mayo (the smallish jar. I think thats about 1 and 2/3 cups?)
3 chipotle chiles from a can
2 tablespoons of liquid from the chipotle chili can
1 good sized clove of garlic

Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. Use empty mayo jar to store in fridge. (Note: FREAKS me out that people don't store mayo in the fridge. It says it right on the bottle!!! My inlaws don't store theirs in the fridge and I gag thinking about eating bad mayo. Haven't died yet of food poisoning though...)

Today we stopped by the mercado to visit the MIL and SIL who were selling clothes. My MIL introduces us to some aquaintance who was sitting there. My MIL turns to the lady and tells her .....

"Oy, I'm so lucky!! A daughter in law who is pretty AND cooks well. I mean, she REALLY knows how to cook. Her food is so delicious!"

So, I will remind her of that comment one day when she doesn't like a dish I make!!

Off to make lamb chops and curried rice with broccoli. Yah know, more "American" food ;)


  1. Lamb Chops?! I'm coming! - it's hard to find Lamb around here...
    and that dinner sounds yummy...need to try that 1...

    1. B- you should try the sandwiches! Super yummy and the chipotle mayo isnt too apicy at all. I dont like plain mayo :/ LOL

      And hop on a plane anytime you want to come down for dinner ;)

  2. That is my plan this week, American food. As much as I can make it here. Monterrey has no American cheese except for HEB and it is fake cheese made out of oil. I am dying for some cheddar cheese!!!

    Mt in laws won't eat it, though. All they will do is judge it and say it is nasty.

    The other day I saw they had made Spagetti with meatballs instead of their spagetti. I told Miguel, I thought they didn't like it!! LOL

    1. Well, the spagetti is a win, eh?! Just keep on, keeping on. One day they will be in the middle of eating something delish that you cooked and realize its YUMMY and that American food isnt nasty. They probably wont admit it though, knowing how they are. :/

  3. The only dish I have a little luck with so far is lasagna. Javis dad sad that it tasted good and for him to say something is a big thing. Good luck but it sounds like you dont need it ;)

    1. Mmm lasagna! Yum!

      They dont love everything I cook, but at least now they are eating it without complaining. ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, that sounds delicious! I'd be happy to eat your yucky American cooking any day!

    1. Hehe... Aure is yucky! Bleh American food,pizzas and hamburgers!