Friday, September 21, 2012

They sure are "seguidas"

But we like it that way :)

("Seguidas" basically means close in age - seguir is 'to follow' )


  1. Awwwwwwww those girlies melt my heart!

  2. Mine are close in age, too -- 14 months apart. How far apart are yours?

    Now that they are older, some days I am not so happy they are so close. They fight all the time! But, there are those times that they are playing so nicely together and it makes me happy we decided to have them so close in age.

    As long as they don't kill each other, they will be best friends for life! They can hate each other at the moment, but someone does or says something bad to the other, and they get in defensive mode just like that. It is sweet.

    The picture is cute! How is your house/addition coming along? I bet you are ready for your own space!

    1. Ours are 19 months apart and definately fight like cats but also cuddle like kittens :)

      Our house is... Coming along! If we wanted to camp out in it without doors/windows/electricity we couldL there is water up there now! ;)

  3. Read through much of your blog ... really great!

  4. They are too cute!!!Mine are 18 months apart and like Valarie's they hate each other at moments, but let someone do something to one of them and the other will definitely stand up and defend!