Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have become that mom

Who bribes her children with the ever awesome condiment of childhood.....



And all because I used to shake my head at moms who drowned perfectly good filet in ketchup for their children at the 5 star steak house I worked at all through college.

That willteach me to judge a book by its cover, wont it?

Hey, ketchup has iron in it. And the girls ate a good 4 and 6 ounces respectively of salmon (with ketchup) so thats omega 3s , right? Right!?!?

[bangs head on table at my pre-child self]


  1. You do what you have to do! Sometimes, it isn't what we planned or wanted. But, when a child needs to eat to stay healthy, us moms need to figure out how to get the good stuff in them.

    My youngest, Emily, she loves ketchup. She likes to dip apples, carrots, and other dipable things into it.

    Bella, my oldest, won't have anything to do with ketchup. If we have chicken nuggets and fies, she eats them without any dip. Not even barbque sauce.

    1. You are totes right. I have to keep the end goal in mind - kept the monkeys fed and healthy. ;)

      So cute that your E even dips carrots in jketchup! My you dest dips her fingers in it, does that count as a dippable? ;)

  2. OMG! A loooves ketchup! Just the other night at dinner he kept asking for more, more and we'd given him more of everything we were having. Of course what he wanted was more ketchup!

    1. LOL! Must be seperated from his cousins less that an international border than we thought. So crazy how fast our chillins are geowing! They are like weeds! Maybe Ill feed mine coffee to slow down their growth or something
      (Ya know, more coffee than the little one already gets in her milk from mama LOL)

  3. My niece loves ketchup. She will drink it out of the bottle. Hey, it is tomatoes. LOL Just with a few other ingredients. We have to do what we have to do to get the babies to eat healthy!!

    1. Omygoodness, that is hilarious! Kiddos are funny creatures ;)