Friday, December 7, 2012

No Holly Jolly Christmas for us

Ok, so that is exagerating just a bit.

All I wanted forChristmas was to spend it in our own home, just the FOUR of us. With our homemade stockings, my Dads old christmas tree and ornaments and fresh baked cookies for Santa Claus.

Luis wants our builder, who thought he was finished this past monday, to rip out the ENTIRE TILED FLOOR. 103 square meters of the pretty wood tile needs to be taken out and redone. It took the guy 4 days to install it all. To take it all out ( without breaking any tiles!) it will take..... 2 weeks? Minimum?

I dont know who I am more irritated with... The guy who installed it or Luis who didnt notice WEEKS ago when that part of the tile was done that he didnt like how it turned out.

We were supposed to move in around December 16th.

Well. We can forget that idea.

Off to pout.


  1. Oh sorry to hear that :(

    I can't wait to see pics of your place when it's all said and done. The floor sounds so neat, tile that looks like wood!! I looove that !

    1. Thanks mama. I will keeo everyone updated, supposedly now not every single tile needs to be removed, jist like 3/4 of it.

      Will definately be posting millions of pic when we move in!!

  2. Sorry about the tile issue. Hopefully, you can get into your house by Christmas. I hate living in someone else's house especially at Christmas. I don't know about your inlaws, but mine criticize every custom we have. :(

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. You're not really pulling that all up? Can't you just get some nice big area rugs to cover the parts L doesn't like??