Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Starting to feel a lot like home

1 year & a month or so into our lives here in northern Mexico City and I am finally starting to feel really at home. Funny to hear from someone who still *still* isn't living in her 99.3% finished home but, its the truth!

A couple days ago, both girlies passed out for a suprise nap in the car. So what does any normal mom do? Look for drive thru caffiene. And as much as I have given up on Starbucks in favor of small, family owned businesses ... None of those businesses have a drive through. Dont get me wrong, I HAVE ordered coffee from my car by waving at the coffee shop owner down the street while parked outside his store, but he was closed that day! How dare he take the afternoon off, my frappe needs must be met.

Back to the story. In need of caffiene and now smartly equipped with my new friend Garmin, I set off for the nearest Starbucks 6.2 kms from the house. On the way, I sweetly (but firmly) kept the window washers off my car. I avoided by plastered by a trailer, twice. With ease, I honked my horn to let a bus know I was pullling around to its left to turn in front of it to the right while it stopped for passengers. Hopefully thats legal, but at least I used my turn signal.

Finally, I arrive at my destination with girlies intact (in their 5 point carseats thankyouverymuch unlike others in this country) and still asleep... And realize my GPS has guided me to the nearest Starbucks.... Which is inside a mall.

What is a mom to do? I pull over, the Starbucks is actually within my line of sight just 75 short feet from my car. With a twinge of hope left, I waited for a vallet parking employee or car washer or ANYONE to walk by and see me gazing longingly towards the caffiene source. No one. 3 minutes. 5 minutes. Still parked in the taxi lane, I looked at the sweet, quiet, nondestructiveonlywhensleeping angels and decide caffiene isnt worth it to wake them up.

So we drive home, as I giggle helplessly at myself. I almost forgot we were in Mexico until I saw a little old lady silently begging at a stoplight. Rolled down the window, gave her my caffiene fund and thanked her when she told me she would pray for me. Almost regretted that decision as then the man selling Buzz Lightyear blow up dolls, the gentleman selling window shades, the teenager selling cds and a million and one window washers descended on my car seeing I was being giving.

After that stoplight I see a new coffee/bread place- on the wrong side of the street. "Making a U Turn" or "going around the block" is a JOKE here in Mexico City, as my brother and I found out when he came to visit and I got us way WAY lost last year. I decide to chance it and arrived at the coffee place without a catastrophe. I park out front, open my driver door and stand on the frame of my car until the girl working inside finds me suspicious enough to come outside. I had her pick the girls 3 pieces of sweet bread and make me a chocolate frappe, and then paid, all from my car. Niiiicccce - my Spanish skills must be improving if I can talk someone into "suprising me" with their choice of bread AND not have them think I am rude for ordering from my car. She came out, we chatted about long they had been open and how business was going for them and then I went on my way. Sadly, the coffee wasn't that great, but I'm not one to complain about curbside service. A mom takes a caffiene break when she needs it, no matter what country she lives in.

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