Thursday, February 28, 2013

Up to our gills

In fish, fish, fish!

We FINALLY went to visit/shop/admire the huge fish market - La Nueva Viga. My inlaws haven't been there (the original one anyway) in .... 20 years! You can guess who thought up our shopping trip ;)
Fish vendor . Photo from wikipedia, Author AlejandroLinaresGarcia

Check out the wiki page (Link here) if you aren't familiar with the place. Apparently it is the second largest fish market in the WORLD! Guess where the first is?.... Japan! We will make it there one day too, imagine the sushi....

Here are some prices we found (and enjoyed) today. Prices vary throughout the year and we were told they are about to jump for the scond half of Lent.

Salmon frozen filet: 120-155 $ / kilo
Salmon fresh whole: 140$/ kilo
Salmon fresh filet: 210$/kilo

"Basa" Bass frozen filet : 44-70$/kilo
Tilapia frozen filets - 50-60$/kilo

Shrimp raw: 90-180$/kilo (depending on size)
Shrimp cooked: 100-120$/
Crab live: 50$/kilo
Lobster: 190$ and up/kilo
King Lobster Tail- 490$/kilo
Crawfish: less than 100$/kilo

Shark filet: 90$/kilo

Red Snapper filet: 50-90$/kilo
"Robalo" Bass filet: 60-70$/kilo
"Robalo" Bass strips: 40-55$/kilo
Mackarel: 18$/ kilo

Frog legs: 50$/kilo

Also available are what some consider scraps, however I am so excited to be making some yummy soups on the cheap!

Fish heads- 10-45$/kilo
Fish breast chunks- 40$/kilo
Fish carcass (usually spine and tail) 10$/kilo

Clams, oysters, trout, tuna and squid were also in abundance along with other goodies of course! My memory is only so good at memorizing proces after a day of pawing raw fish . My inlaws decided (somehow?) that I am a fish buying expert. I thought everyone examined and smelled fish before buying it? Thats what Dad always did ;)

So what did we come home with? Glad you asked!

Very little as space is limited but between us and the inlaws we hauled home: salmon, red snapper, raw shrimp, fish heads and breasts for soups, bass, clams and squid.

Crammed full freezer picture for the proof:


  1. Awesome! I love the comprehensive price list. I'll have to get there someday.

    But I can't imagine the smell. ;)

    1. Jill, its worth the trip. And the smell wasnt as bad as I anticipated! Probably because its outdoors?

      I will be going back soon, we need more fish in our diet and these prices we can afford!