Saturday, April 6, 2013

The sloppy joe of mexican cuisine

Anyone else ever take a bite of an enfrijolada and think ....

"This is just like a sloppy joe! Messy, and yummy and way too easy to make!"

I thought that today anyway - as we ate a protein packed version of the yummy dish.

 Quick how-to on Enfrijoladas
- cooked beans that have been blended (you want a consistancy way thinner than refried beans)
- tortillas (either corn or flour)
- sour cream
- cheese
- thinly sliced onions
- salsa to taste

To make this yummy dish, heat pinto, black, or flor de mayo beans over low heat. Use an immersion blender to blend them , or slowly transfer them a little bit at a time to a blender. You are going for a consistancy of tomato soup - some people like it even thinner but I like some umpf to mine :)

Prepare the onions and set out the sour cream, cheese and salsa. Heat torillas on a comal, and dip the tortillas in the beans to coat one or both sides. Since I like our thicker than most, i have to use a spoon to layer the inside of the tortilla with beans. So you should basically have a tortilla coated in beans (both sides). Lay them in half on a plate , sprinkle with sour cream, cheese, onions and salsa.

For a protein boost, we added shredded chicken breast to the inside of ours (like an enchilada enfrijolada remix!) today. I have also served the girls theirs with avocado inside (or on top) and diced boiled egg inside. The boiled egg was inspired by anither yummy dish - the famous "Guajalote" . The Guajalote is its own post, major overload but good every blue moon :)

Excuse the iPad photos!


  1. Replies
    1. I know how you guys would eat them.... Can we say a-vo-ca-do !?? I will eat four or fice to orrow for little A ;) (just kidding. Sort of)

  2. these looked so delicious that I made them last night and my husband gets home from work and says who told you how to cook enfrijoladas. I told him I saw it on the computer

    they were so good that he ate 2 plates of them. I put chicken in our sand I didn't have any Mexican cheese so I used a shredded taco cheese. But yummy yummy yummy

    thanks for the recipe - I hope you most more recipes in the future.


    1. Thanks Cat! I am so happy it turned out well for you and you suprised the hubby with them, too cute! Even with my horrible instructions and lack of pictures, you must already be pretty efficient en la cocina ;)

  3. what are you talking about - your directions and photos were fine and easy to follow. I love cooking and talking recipes

    here's a recipe I cook often(although I don't have any photos)-

    Ham and Potatoes Tacos:
    peel and boil potatoes until soft
    while they are cooking - chop up ham, onions, chile, garlic, tomatoes- sauté all in a little bit of oil. You want to cook it long enough that the tomatoes are soft. I usually add salt and chili powder. once potatoes are done drain and put in the same pan as ham mixture and mash the potatoes with spoon mixing everything together

    serve in fresh tortillas

    my husband loves these. when I visited his family in mexico last year I made this for them and it was a big hit. At first I could tell on their faces when I said I was cooking dinner there was some skepticism - I bet they thought I was going to make some bland gringa food they had never seen before. I really like cooking but I don't like cleaning much so I was happy to help the mom with cooking but since they have to use a bucket to wash dishes I told them someone else was in charge of dishes. they asked me to make it 2 mores times within a 2 week timeframe. I especially like recipes that use easy standard ingredients and don't take forever and a day but give different flavors. I have friend who doesn't eat pork so we made this one day with turkey ham and it was a big favorite too. this recipe can be totally done in 30 minutes or less.

    another thing that I've done is that my husband like pupusa (el Salvadorian kind) well I had my neighbor show me how to make them and they take forever and are extremely time and hand intensive. she showed me with cooking part of pork shoulder for several hours, shredded it, making the mixture with beans and cheese, then of course doing the tortilla and putting the fillings then hand patting it out then cooking etc. now maybe if I was a stay at home wife (without kids because I know as a mom you are crazy busy at all times- we don't have any kids)I might have time for all that but I work full time so I figured out a modification.

    I cook up a pound of hamburger with garlic and onion I mix it with mashed red beans and cheese. then I just stick in a couple tortillas like a quesadilla. so for less then 15 minutes they are ready and my husband loves them because they have the same flavor of pupusas. I find that this mixture also freezes well. So I'll make a big batch keep half out in the fridge for a quick evening meal threw the week and freeze the rest then unthaw and cook up another time without all of the fuss.

    happy cooking

  4. I love meals like this! Simple, creamy, and delicious. Your kids are adorable by the way. This little one seems to be really enjoying what she's eating! Sending you best wishes for settling into your new home. :)

    1. Aw, thanks so much for stopping by! Your rcipes are DIVINE , I have already made a couple since hubby and I got my stove installed three days ago!!

      The pickled cucumber side dish you posted alongside another recipe I have made twice in the past week (with red radish and white onion) and my 2 and 3 yr olds and grown up child (the husband) all LOVED them. We have some more tonight as a snack.