Friday, June 28, 2013

The rain jinx!

This was the post I started yesterday... It musthave made the rain gods angry because today beforeI could finish it it started raining. Oh, and hailing. Love you Mexico City summer!

It was titled "Here comes the sun...."

"And I'd say- its alright..."

We have enjoyed a suprising two day reprive from Mexico City's wet, lame, and dreary version of summer.

And what does any good mama with kiddos do? Go to the park!

This is our nearest park. This was also the first and last time we will be taking our camera with us, I got quite the lecture when the man found out. He is right, but come on! I have to document the girls park, right?!


  1. Great pics. Your girls are gorgeous.

  2. Oh I love these pics! Look how happy those girlies are!