Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear M.O.M.

Dearest Mom on a Motorcycle:
Please forgive me if I sound condescending. I know, I come from a culture of five point harnesses and extended rear facing carseats for children in cars. A culture that requires helmets on motorcylces in most states. A culture that is obsessed with safety, where hospitals won't let you take your baby home before checking to see if your babys car seat is installed correctly.

However, judging by the looks of other drivers around you, even your fellow Mexican drivers are shocked at your choice of vehicle. Please hear me- I get it. Motorcycles cost less to run. They are easier to find parking spots for. You couldn't pay me to drive a motorcycle in Mexico City and surrounding areas, but I am trying hard to understand your point of view. I long ago accepted that people here take their children, even babies, on their motorcycles. Some things I can not change, nor is it my business even if I could somehow change it. Less than 20% of motorcycle riders around here wear helmets, I have stopped making comments about it to my husband in shock.

Judging by the looks of it, you have a lot of baby related costs going on right now. Perhaps that is why you can't afford the bus instead, which even as perilous it can be riding the bus would surely be a better choice in your situation.

Even with all of that in mind....

Your twin babies under one and your older toddler under three are all begging you - "I don't want to die mami. Please don't ever load the three of us on a motorcycle again. You dont have enough arms to hold us all on, while maintaining control of the motorcycle."

The toddler especially, holding on to your back for her dear life is in great danger. Your twin babies can barely hold their own heads up in the curves of traffic.

Perhaps there was an emergency? The apocalypse arrived at your home only and you are trying to escape it? Your husband was in an accident and you are the only one in the country with a compatible blood type to save his life?

Whatever it is, I hope you made it to your destination with all four of your lives intact. Hopefully this was a one time ride for your family and you will never chance their lives like that again. I am trying to understand, but the looks on your babies faces aren't helping me.
Concerned Fellow Driver and Mother


  1. OMG!!! I can't believe that!...Well, then again it IS Mexico. lol Very well written post!

  2. ... I hear Shawnee Mission has some pretty good schools. ;)