Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An active mind is an active....


This is the post where I admit that for the past 8 weeks I have been a horrible mother.  Ok, maybe not horrible, but not as great as I used to be before the birth of new Baby A.  I'm talking, of course, of intellectual stimulation (aka learning shhh!!!) for my toddler . 

Don't get me wrong, in this household we love books.  Toddler C has definitely picked up her mami's and her grandpa Dave's  love for anything bound and typed in ink.  A curiosity about reading and books is a pretty natural thing, if you ask me, and it was really really easy to get her interested in reading.  Here is what I did.... I read to her!  Since birth!!  And we leave all her books in her bookshelf, in the living room where she can access them at all times... which means they are usually not on the bookshelf but all over the floor.

Which is fine, because that means she is reading them to the dog:

Or her sissy.

Or her papi.

Or whoever will sit down long enough to listen.


Since Baby A has arrived, all the other "learning-by-playing activities that mami and C used together have slowly faded into the background.  And C has become a little too obsessed with "oovie?" (movies).  Putting on a movie so you can nurse your infant in the morning in peace, while also feeding your toddler breakfast isn't a crime... but it isn't always necessary either.  Mami had an epiphany this week, thanks to the Internet and several great blogs linked at the end of this post, and guess what?

Game over "oovies".  Your welcome here has worn out.  TV - you are officially out of the circle of trust.  Yes, there are cute "educational" cartoons, but lets be perfectly frank... they don't teach your children much besides how to sit on the floor and become a zombie watching them.  I'm not anti-TV, and by all means don't judge anyone who allows their children watch it on a regular basis.  But the buck stops here for us.

Our crusade for learning officially restarted yesterday, when our exciting new toy arrived......


Toddler girl had lots of fun with the new "toy" .  She practiced putting all the shapes into cups, pouring the shapes from one cup to another.  Then we got out the "diamonds" that I picked up at Walmart for 2 bucks for a package of 100 or so.  "Diamonds" that are clear and heart shaped red "sapphires" to play with.  And guess what the first thing Big Girl did with the "diamonds" ?  Put it up to her ear and say "ee-ring?" (earrings).  I kid you not!  Hilarious, what a fashionista.


Now, before you leave a comment saying "Learning doesn't have to cost money", let me show you the other "activity" that entertained Big Girl for about 45 minutes while mami cleaned the kitchen today:

Magnets+Toddler Whisk+Spatula+Pan= FUN!

Poor big girl, all this excitement despite the fact that her temperature has been between 101 and 102 since last night.  Can you tell she doesn't feel well?

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Have a blog about children and learning that you want to share?  Leave a comment and I will add it to my original post to bring other moms, dads, and caretakers to your blog.  I'd LOVE to read your ideas too!

PS Those of you tuning in to see pics of our growing baby A, here is one:

xoxo- the Mami

P.S.  We love you Sasstress and family!


  1. Can't wait to hear about your journeys in Mexico... what part of Mexico will you be moving to?

  2. Your girls really look alike!