Saturday, June 4, 2011

Winnie The Pooh deserves BreastMilk too!

Yes, you read that right. Yes, I know it rhymes. And yes, I know that sounds quite silly.

Try and tell that to my 20 month old.  She has become quite fascinated with "boobie?" lately, especially now that she has figured out that her little sissy gets milk from that source.  Most older children go through this I'm sure, when they have younger siblings who are nursing.  Since Big girl C refused to nurse however, and drank breast milk from a bottle and then a sippy cup when she was older, I don't think she quite knew the milk came from mommy's "boobie?" (as she says it.)

Today, she decided that Winnie the Pooh deserves breastmilk too. After carrying good ole Winnie around and "burping" him for about 10 minutes, she decided it was time to feed him.  Baby A was conveniently also nursing at the moment, and Big Girl C must have thought "If mommy's baby gets milk, MY baby needs milk too!".  So she brought Winne the Pooh to mommy, attempted to uncover the free side that Baby A wasn't using, and said "Mas?" about 12 times  as she laid Winne down in front of mommy to nurse.  If you haven't heard yet, C uses the word "mas" (Spanish for "more") when she is hungry, it is her way of asking for food.  How sweet that she could speak on the behalf of dear Winnie, since he is a little bit behind on the language development thing.  I will say though, she did not say please on Winnie's behalf and I'm quite disappointed in Winnie for being so rude.

So now you know folks... even my 20 month old has caught on at our recent La Leche League meetings... "breast is best" for her baby (I'm sure Winnie the Pooh appreciates C advocating for his best interests).

However, as you will notice, C needs a little lesson on car seat safety.  Winnie is NOT buckled in properly.  Perhaps Cousin "Sensational" (from now on to be refered to as fitting!!) can come to town and help her out, like she did by suggesting the obvious to us recently about our car seat musical chairs in the big vehicle.

xoxo- the Mami


  1. What a smart girl! Of course she wants the best for her baby! And she knows the importance of riding in the car safely:) I just pity the kid who gets between C and her baby's best interest, she is learning from one fierce mama bear.

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