Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Although we didn't visit any cemeteries or leave any flowers on any graves, we did spend Memorial Day weekend in a way that would have made Dad proud.  I think all the men and women of the armed forces (and we saw many working in Joplin) might agree that taking donations to the families of Joplin was a more productive way to spend our weekend.

When we arrived in Joplin to drop of the donations that "Heado" and also the M and T duo brought by our house, we discovered that LOTS of people had the exact same idea.  The church we had in mind had stopped accepting donations- and if you could have seen the church warehouse (yes, a warehouse.  It was a HUGE church), the tents set up outside, and the inside of the worship hall.... you would have stopped accepting donations too.  One of the ministers in charge gave us directions to MSSU, the university nearby that should be taking donations still.  When we arrived there, the young man directing traffic waved us down and told us they were no longer taking donations.  He gave us (horrible) directions to another church, which we reached after taking a wrong turn and getting stuck on a dead end street with the trailer.  I'm proud to say it was Mami that  got in the drivers seat and smoothly (after 25 minutes of backing up, pulling forward, turning the wheel ever so slightly etc etc) got the trailer "unstuck"...  When we reached the 2nd church, they also were no longer accepting donations ay dios mio...

So we turned around and went back to the first church, as they were the nicest and I hoped that they would take the donations.  When I got back to the church and got out to speak to someone, I politely stood and waited while an American Red Cross volunteer was talking with some church members.  When he finally turned around to acknowledge me, all I could say was "we were here before about donations" and he cut me off and shook his head saying "Yeah, I'm so sorry we can't accept any more".  I burst into tears.  Not kidding.  I started babbling "I know, it's just we have my Dad's clothes in the trailer and he died in September and I don't know what to do with them otherwise, and my 1 month old is screaming in the truck because she is ready to nurse but we have been driving around in circles and..."  at which point he cut me off.  "Where is your car?  We will come help you unload it".  I promise I didn't cry to get him to take the donations, I was honestly frustrated, Baby A was honestly crying in the truck waiting for mommy's milk, and I really didn't want to just take Dad's clothes to goodwill.  He motioned to several volunteers and they unloaded the trailer in about 1.5 minutes.  I let Papi help with that, Baby A needed milk time, and Mami needed some Baby time...

not the happy baby we all know and love!!

It was hot, but C  went with the flow - as always!
I am so glad that so many people have reached out and helped the families affected by the tornado, and wouldn't have changed my mind about giving donations.  I wish we could have helped more, ie pick up debris and help rebuild, but they were overwhelmed with volunteers and honestly I don't think they were too keen on us volunteering with the young ones.

We also got to visit Grandmother A this weekend, and she got to meet Baby A for the first time!  Uncle M was there of course, and C's godmother was able to stop by and see Baby A as well.  AND A Jones !  So many people in one day, it was a great visit.  C took home a pillow that she seemed to be attached to while visiting, and has slept with it every night since.  C was definitely the star of the show, although Baby A got lots of cuddle time with everyone. 

More pictures on our family photobucket account, email me for the link!

The girls and their GREAT Grandmother.  I sure think she is great!
He has practice with this, an expert you might say!
So sweet! Godmother and Grandmother!

No visit to Grandmother's is complete without a bath in The Red Sink

Living the good life

Kisses from Papi
Yes, that is a toddler, the Papi and a sack of potatoes.  I mean, Baby A.
xoxo - the Mami

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  1. LOVE THIS!! You have such a beautiful family and I love reading about your adventures! I can't wait to read more!