Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life as always...

Even when you move to Mexico, babies and toddlers catch colds and need to be held .  ALOT.

And as much as I would like to say “it’s the change in climate” like EVERYONE here in MX has been saying, the real reason is this:

Toddler girl C’s introduction to MX was oh so fun, so sweet, and so infected with a virus.  This little girl she was dancing with (and all the other kids there) was extremely sick the day after this photo was taken, and big girl C the day after.... and then Baby A too!!

Upon arrival in Mexico City,  we stopped by the fiancé of Mr Man’s brother (follow that?) to leave our trailer and extra vehicle before going to our family in laws house.  I guess leaving a gigantic trailer parked outside, on the street, is a good way to say “hey, I have got tons of stuff in here, why don’t you have a look see and ROB it!?”  The place we left it has a huge enclosed patio/driveway and a gate that locks AND can’t be seen from the street.  It is also only a 4 minute walk (holding a 2 year olds hand too!) from where we are, so it Is very convenient and safe.

Big girl C LOVED playing with those kids, and every time we go over there it is a flurry of dancing and singing and hugging for the girls.  I think there are 15 (ish) kids that live there?  All related of course.  “Tia” Matilda told me that she has 18 nieces and nephews and 8 great nieces and nephews.  And she is a couple years younger than I am!  It’s a good thing it is a 4 story house to hold all those wonderful bundles of joy.  They all LOVE to ask me how to say things in English, even their names (which many are the same in English…sooo cute!)  “Como se dice “Sophie” in Ingles?”  “Como se dice “papa” in Ingles?” 

My favorite question came from a 6 year old little boy who first asked me if I spoke Spanish (to which I said I was learning, and he could help me).  He asked me why I was speaking English if I was in Mexico!!  And he seemed utterly confused that Big Girl C understood both Spanish and English.  So adorable.

I'm glad we moved all the way to Mexico City to find Big Girl C some playmates :)


  1. Oh, it stinks that the girls are sick - probably a whole new set of different germs than she got used to here. Hopefully they get more immune soon!

    So is all your stuff still in the trailer till your place gets finished? How long might you be living out of a suitcase?

    Also wondering what you are doing during the day? (besides dancing with the girls!) I assume Papa is working with his dad?

    Send / post pictures of the house... the city... so I can get an idea of the new abode!

    Talked to R & A recently. Tom is flying out there on 2/15 to drive their truck back to KC with Anna driving her car with the "babies" in their kennels (that sounds funny!) Then A will fly back to NC and A & R will meander their way back while detouring to see some friends' home towns.. I CAN'T WAIT. It's going to be so great to have them back in the midwest - stinks about the timing with your leaving though.....

    Keep those notes / blogs coming. Congratulations on all the teeth. Soon one will be losing them as the other gets more!
    Hugs to you all!!!

  2. Now even the girls' immune systems will be international! fluids fluids fluids!

  3. BWAAA!! "The change in climate" I've heard that one more times than I can count! ;)