Monday, January 30, 2012

Zimapan , Hidalgo

MAP here   (click on the zoom out button on that map to see where it is compared to Mexico City.

We went to Zimapan last week for the funeral of a Tio who I had met twice in the US.  He had lived in North Carolina and opened his home to me and my little brother for a visit as well, a good man. While we were there we mostly visited with another Tia and Tio, whose house I took a million pictures of and will have to post later.  Most of these pictures are taken on their property. 

The Uncle reminded me a lot of a slightly more talkative Grandpa Llyod, a hard working man with a good heart.  He loved talking to me and we had a long discussion on learning another language. He was thrilled that I loved the sound of his first language, Otomi .   It was interesting to hear the perspective of someone who actually spoke the language, but also sad to hear that many people are abandoning their older ingenious languages to teach their children only Spanish and English. 

Even an expat such as myself could tell the minute I met the Uncle and Auntie that they spoke another language besides Spanish.  While I love the sing songy sound of the chilango accent and how their words caress the air like a melody, the slow , deliberate and almost chanty accent of his Uncle and Anutie was mesmerizing.  When the Uncle spoke some Otomi for me, I figured out why their Spanish sounds the way it does.    If you ever get a chance to hear the language (Otomi), jump at it.  It's hermosa.

Big Girl checking out the goats!


Playing in the kitchen

Big girl C loving being outdoors

offering mommy sugar for her coffee

The sights in downtown Zimapan
Little Girl enjoying a free ride with mama

It was good to get out of the Mexico City smog, and see some things that are GREEN for once.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I said it was beautiful there, they all say this is their dry season and that everything is fea right now.  I don't think it was ugly, but I also know the pictures won't do it justice.  What can I say, I love the big city but  at heart I love to be barefoot in soft grass :)


  1. What an awesome experience! C looks so old, her travels must be aging her :) Please extend my sympathies to L's family for the loss of their Tio.

  2. Sorry to hear about your tio but it looks like you guys made th best of it. And your little girl is so cute.

  3. Thank you both, I will pass on your sentiments to the family. Tio passing was really hard on mi suegra, she collapsed at the funeral and we had to take a breather in the car for a while.

    The girlies are frowing so fast, and thank you Amanda. I tend to agree, they are cute;).