Monday, February 27, 2012

My first bout of "oops, shouldnt have eaten that"

Im pretty proud I lasted this long with no stomach upsets! The man ( the one FROM mexico) had the typical upset stomach and bathroom troubles for about three weeks when we first arrived. Me? The American gal from Kansas? Not a worry. Never sick once. I like to oride myelf as having an iron stomach, never had problems in Kenya (which one would assume is "worse" as far as cooking conditions go than Mexico).

Until. Today.

We think the culprit was the oh-so-yummy-barbacoa the mother in law brought home for lunch. The man is also sick. The toddler isnt , but she picked at her lunch and hardly had any barbacoa. (good thing huh?) the baby ate some barbacoa but Ill indulge my La Leche League side and say she isnt sick because of all the breastmilk lining her tummy.

The mother in law says it wasnt the food, its because we ate too quickly. Um hello, dont you remember? When you are a mother of two kiddos under three, you eat like you have just been realeased from prison. And it never makes you vomit. Until today.

Oops, probably shouldnt write vomit on a family blog. Oh well, now you know.

Blech. Gross.

Oh, and the other blog worthy note is... Th father in law went for "medicine" to help with the symptoms. He returned with alka seltzer and something else similar (different brand, same type of medicine). He prepared the hubby's glass for hum and used 2 packets of alka seltzer and 3 of the other. The back of both packets both say "dissolve one packet in a half glass of water" . Not "dissolve 5 packets in a half glass of water."

More is not more people, when it comes to medicine. Read the package, and follow the suggestions. I couldn't take the alka seltzer according to the package, but the other one said it was alright for pregnant or breastfeeding women if medically necessary. Guess how many I took? ONE. BECAUSE I CAN READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS (even in spanish).


  1. Oh man, after nights like that you need the maid and the nanny to come in early so you can get some rest! Oh wait...
    I hope this clears your system quickly and don't forget to hydrate hydrate hydrate!
    Today might be a good day to stay in jammies and watch 'oovies'

  2. I have been lucky so far and not been sick from the food but, I am VERY picky about what I eat. I wouldn't eat the barbacoa until I had seen them eating from the same guy for 3 weeks and no sickness from hubby (who got sick from the slightest thing in the States) When we go to the "Taquerias" I will only eat from the ones that have actual restaurant locations and not street venders. Everybody says yuo are definitely missing some great food and I tell them, yeah maybe, that and major diarrehea and vomiting! PLus, I am very picky about left over food, it has to be stored in the refrigerator and for no more than a day or 2, after that it will not go in myb stomach or my kids! Alot of times everybody else eats leftovers and we eat hotdogs or something because, MIguel's family has this bad in my opinion nasty habit of leaving food on the stove over night and reheating it the next morning. We live in the city so that means roaches! Yuck!!!!

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  4. I have also been lucky like you that I am able to eat a lot of stuff here without getting sick. I do eat at the taco venders and fruit stands, they are just too yummy. Only when I first arrived did I have to take a pill to get rid of the (lombriz)but since then I have been fine. I think the biggest thing that makes me sick is the manteca and chili. Hope you are feeling better soon.