Sunday, February 26, 2012

My list of "where I want to visit in Mexico"

And I have officially started acting like a princess. Or maybe terrorist is a better word .... If my demands arent met, I may just kidnap the mans tools and hold them for ransom until I get to go on a trip.

On my smallish list....

Xochimilco. ...this one is at least "in town"

San Juan de Las Lagos. Actually the man wants to visit there to thank the Lady of San Juan de Las Lagos for his and our safe return to Mexico. He says its a promise he made her (it is a religious statue) when he was leaving Mexico - to return and thank her in person for the safety of himself and his family while he was gone.

On the way to San Juan de Las Lagos is ...
Santa Maria del Rio. .which happens to be the home of rebozos (babywearing fanatic here, hello!)

Oaxaca ... Lets not admit that part of the reason I want to go here is that I want to own 650 of these gorgeous, hand embroidered Oaxaquenan blouses that would be extremely princess like in nature, no? To travel 6.5 hours for a shirt? Its not just a shirt people, its a piece of artwork, displaying a small piece of Mexicos history! Think of it as a learning oppurtunity! Not as a shopping trip!

Also, some would argue that the state of Oaxaca has the best mole in Mexico. Not having been here for long enough, I can not begin to speculate if that is true or not. But I can use that as another excuse to go there, right? Right?

Puerta Vallerta. Sunshine. Beaches. Gorgeous. What else do you need?

Mazatlan ahhh Mazatlan. I have such a fascination with going there,the reason could be the blog "Countdown to Mexico" and how culturally diverse (and also beautiful scenery) it seems to be. Gotta go!

Chiapas - lets admit now. Im a Zapatista in disguise. Subcomandante Marcos has given me orders to report there for super secret missions. I love to represent the indigenious peoples of Mexico. ;)

Ok, in all seriousness I really do want to go to Chiapas. It has a very fascinating history in relation to Mexican politics. In honor of Emiliano Zapata himself...
"prefierio morir de pie que vivir de rodillas". And no, I didnt learn that quote while living in Mexico. Im secretly a leftist revolutionary. ;) oops,the secret is out !

And a great blog entry on travel in Mexico- is it safe? Is it worth it? HERE


  1. I live about 20 minutes from San Juan de Las Lagos! So, if you get around to going, let me know!

    We have been to PV twice. The first time without the girls. This past May we took them and they ask us all the time when we are going back. The beach is nicer in Nuevo Vallarta, though.

    Hope you can tick something off your list soon!

  2. Oooooooo your list looks awesome! And those aren't princess demands. Those are cultural experiences your girls NEED in order to understand and appreciate their heritage! Traveling is educational!

  3. Valarie- that would be so cool if we got to bump into each other while we visit san juan de las lagos. I havent seen any expats (or spoken any english with anyone besides the girls and hubby) since Ive been here - let alone one that has so many things in common with me :)

    Will def check out nuevo vallarta ( thats to the north of PV , no?) when we go.

    Sasstress, I can always count on you to help me rationalize anything!! "educational" , not "shopping" or "laying in the beach" :). Per-fect.

  4. I would love to go to Oaxaca and Chiapas!!! It's been a year since I was in Vallarta and I sure do miss it. My sister and lots of good friends are there and I really would enjoy a visit. I hope you get to experience the places on your list very soon. :)

  5. Thanks so much for the mention! And I agree on your choices! We have visited all of them except Chiapas, and I believe we'll go there this summer when it is a bit warm here in Mazatlan! Take care and I hope you get to Mazatlan soon!

  6. Great list of places. I have been to two of them and driven through one. Last year we went to San Juan de los Lagos and the church was beautiful, my post about it is here
    We actually just got back from Puerto Vallarta two days ago and it was great to relax at the beach, I am gonna try and write about the trip later today. Lastly we drove through Mazatlan on our way down from TJ. From what I saw it was really pretty, but I would love to stay there and check everything out. Hope you get to take one of your trips soon.

  7. Your list sounds awesome and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE those shirts! My husband's tia wore a dress similar to those shirts when we were there and I loved it! Have you ever thought of visiting the monarch butterfly reserve in Michoacan? I would love to visit it! That is definitely on my list of places I want to see.

  8. Jackie, thank you! Vallarta sounds sooo pretty. I loved reading your post on how you and your sis moved here/there. Such a great story :)

    Nancy- how great you are thinking of going to Chiapas! Maybe we will bump into you there (or in your Mazatlan!) travelingin Mx (what little I have done so far) is such a great experience. Love it.

    Lisa, Im jealous you have been to all those places! When ou go, does your ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY go too? Because mine sure does. 9 people, 2 toddler carseats, in a 8 passengar vehicle.... Awesome! (not really LOL)

    Tara, I havent! I think I read about the butteflies in a guidebook but had forgotten entirely about them. I will df add that to the list ,msince the toddler is obsessed ith "ah-flies" (what. 2.5 yr old girl isnt? )