Friday, March 30, 2012

I love it when

I have to tenderly pick the books out of the covers after my toddler falls asleep.

Reading ONE book for bedtime is never sufficient. And letting mami choose ( ie mami grabs whatever books she can find while holding the baby in the other arm) is never an option. She requests books by words or pictures that are in the books. And thank goodness mami understands that "boom boom? Ghost? Oooooooooo" actually refers to "would you rather be a bullfrog" (which has a drum that goes "boom boom on your tum" and a "spook dressed as a sheet") . Today she wanted the horsey book, which is difficult because we have several books that have horses (but not pictured on the cover, that would be too easy). Mami either guessed right or toddler didnt mind....

So I love putting the six books she is literally cuddling with away after she falls asleep. One of the best mami moments of my day.

I always leave one though, she clutches one to fall asleep sometimes and if she wakes in the morning with the urge to read.. Who am I to stop her?


  1. You may have a future author on your hands!

  2. That is so adorable! Chaplin enjoys it when we read to him, but I hope he grows to love books that much. :)