Friday, April 13, 2012

Simple recipe to share ... "berro"

Hello from far far away and havent blogged in forever land!

Last night my SIL and MIL made the most delicious , simple dish and I just HAD to share it here. I will edit to add the photo later on today :)

A simple dish that resembles a mix between a salad and a salsa. Feel free to add chiles to give it a little kick, this version was without and was scrumptious as a vegetarian taco filling.

Berro - watercress (1-2 bundles)
Onion (1 medium sized white)
Cilantro (1 bundle)
Avocado (as much as you love! She used 2 for this amount)

"instructions" - chop all ingredients and mix in bowl. Add avocado last and be careful not to overmix the avocado (unless you want it mushy like guacamole).

Thats it!

Simple but my oh my was it delicious.

Apparently, my inlaws used to eat this about once a week as their entree, for lunch or dinner. A meal without meat , very low in cost and high in nutrients. A bundle of watercress (think the size of a bundle of cilantro, maybe slightly bigger) cost my MIL 5 whopping pesos at the mercado yesterday. Plus maybe 5 pesos for the avocado and another 7 for the cilantro and onion? That's a 17 peso meal folks! Healthy, yummy, and simple. Real food doesnt get any better. Perhaps make twice as much if that is the only thing you are serving, we had carne asada and a cold spaghetti salad with ours. The hubby told me growing up it was their "end of the week, out of money, but still want to eat like kings" meal growing up.

I would love to make this and serve it on tostadas, this expat has loved tostadas her entire life :) Perhaps with a sprinkling of queso paƱela or queso fresco as well? Anyone else every make this? Is there a real name for it, my inlaws simply call it berro.


  1. Sounds yummy! Unfortunately it might cost more than 17 pesos stateside :)

    1. Haha. You can pay 17 pesos ro think about an avocado stateside at least, right? ;) xo

  2. This sounds very yummy and very healthy! I can't wait to try it!

    1. When I get a pic up it will be easier to envision, but its pretty much like pico de gallo minus the tomatoa plus avpcado/water cress. Delish! :)

  3. Yes! Where is that picture!? I need to find some watercress. Honestly, I have heard of it, but not really sure what it is. A picture would be very helpful!

    I'm looking for "light" things to eat. This sounds pretty good!

    1. Valarie, Im loking for my card reader for the iPad.... Im the worst blogger ever! Oops! That will teach me to write a post without uploading the pics first ;)

      It is really yummy and so healthy .