Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jicaletas, a taste of Mexican summers

Oh Mexico, how I am growing to love you so!!!

My oldest daughter l.o.v.e.s. " hee-kee-up". Jicama. She loves it. Would rather eat it than strawberries, mangos, COOKIES, dinner .... Anything .

Imagine my delight when the "jicaleta" cart rolls by us on our walk a couple days ago. The man asks me what flavors she wants (and thank goodness there was also a sign, it was our first time ordering jicaletas!! )

Jicaletas are big, fat, juicy slices of jicama painted with chamoy (a sweet and sour sauce or paste, most times with chili powder in it) and then the flavored sugars are poured over the slice of jicama. The chamoy acts as a glue and flavoring both. The sugars are bright in color and fruit flavored. I let toddler girl pick according to her favorite colors at the moment and she choose blue (blueberry) and pink (strawberry) .

She enjoyed it immensely, I can't wait till we see the Jicaleta Man again !!


  1. Your ignorant stateside cousin has never even had jicama:( Your girls are so cultured! Are the pieces off the cart cold? How did you manage to let your toddler eat something with red sugar all over it and not get a red sugar coated little girl?
    PS cute sundress!

    1. Really? The queen of exoctic fruit (Asian Pears) hasnt had jicama??! Try it, sooo good. Crispy, a tad juicy, delicious. I made a cipe the other day that subsituted jiama for potatoes in hashbrowns... So much better for you and I actually liked it better. They didnt get mushy like potatoes do! :)