Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When it rains

I have learned to love rain. Never in my whole life, have I cared for rain. As a teen working as a lifeguard, we cursed the rain - unless it came with lightening which would close the pool down. Otherwise we shivered as bratty pool rats swam in the rain. Other than that, I have never took notice at all!

Now, I feel like doing a happy rain dance when the droplets start falling.

This time of year, we get a lot of rain in Mexico City. I know, I have the internet that tells me every April through September is the same. ;)

My favorite is when it rains at night. The room we sleep in has a metal roof , and the rain blissfully blocks out the noise on the street. People from big cities probably wouldnt notice, but I come from a suburb with noise ordinances. Ordinances enforced by the police yo! Better not play your music too loud! The city never sleeps here. It merely takes a nap from 3:30am to about 6am . Dogs, people, traffic, buses (they quality as their own category... As they honk their horns in rythmn to alert potential riders...all.night.long.) etc. so when it rains at night, this suburbian girl can finally sleep a little deeper. As deep as a mama who wakes all night to nurse her milk crazy one year old!!

Besides blocking out noise, the rain cleans the air. In the morning after a good rain, I swear my lungs open up and say "ahhhhhh I remember this feeling. Clean air!" . The sky and horizon are noticably clearer, so although I'm sure there are still tons of toxins in the air from pollution (coucoughcough) it at least LOOKS cleaner. Folks, a lot of things in life are all in your head. If my head tells me the air is clean after it rains, let me think it. ;) really! It is cleaner! Swear ;)

When it rains in the afternoon, its always a fun scramble to run up to the roof and take down the clothes that are hanging on the line. As clean as I think the rain makes the sky, leaving your clothes out in this rain will A) make them stink and B) most importantly, make them wet. Which isn't the goal of hanging laundry out to dry. ;)

What I was thinking just now lets me know I have gone 100% looney tunes. I am actually sad to think that when we move to our place, we won't have a metal roof and the rain won't block out the noise. Metal roofs are horrible! In the summer they heat up like an oven and the winter they freeze like an ice box. But hey, they block out the noise when it rains. Seems I have gone a little Mexican already, which is probably a good thing. Since I live here and all :)


  1. I think it is awesome that you are enjoying the beauty of nature! The rain hitting the tin roof sounds like the perfect lullaby! :)

  2. I loooved this post, I can so relate! And I am with you on the air feeling cleaner! 110%, we can be loonietunes together!!!
    I have always loved the rain as I came from a really rainy part of Canada and I so miss it living in Puerto Vallarta. It's only rained 1 time for about 20 mins since November. :( Bring on the rainy season!

  3. I like listening to the rain too. I love the storms, its so cool to watch. I think you will still be able to enjoy it without the tin roof, the rain is so powerful it take away almost everything else.

  4. Sleeping during the rain is the best! I just told S today, I think A naps better when it's raining.

  5. I CAN NOT wait for the rain to start here in GDL. Our rainy season is from June through October. I love the smell after the rain. It is so GDL. There's a mariachi song, "GDG, GDL Huele A Tierra Mojada" Everything turns so green and fresh. It also means that I no longer need to water our garden. There are a couple of not so good things that come with the rainy season...streets flood big time, trees fall and electricity goes out. Everything has it's price.