Thursday, October 25, 2012

House Updates


It wouldnt be easy , would it? Tht wouldnt be fun!!

Apparently our contractor made a couple mistakes, and when we asked him to fix them he did - without advising us of the consequences first. You know, cause we are so lnowledgble in masonry and concrete roofs and all that jazz.

The house wont be done as quickly as he said originally (1 week from now) , but I am almost sure we will still move in before Christmas.

Our tile for most of the house arrived, we love it! Cant wait for it to be installed so i can take photos to suow you all. Busy researching our roof top chickens and have plenty of plants already started on my MILs roof!!

Yes , I said roof top chickens :)


  1. Awww big bummer about the delays. It's never simple, right?
    Chickens? Seriously?

    1. Chicken chickens! Is that exciting?!! :)

  2. Aww...Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!!

    I know delays, and construction can be SO disheartening, but it is worth it in the end...:)

  3. Only in Mexico will you see chickens in the big city!! That is what is so cool about Mexico. Can't wait to see your finished house!!!

    I am going to have to write a post about our pet chicken. She is a bigger baby than the dogs!!