Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just when I thought I ws fluent...

I walk away from a tienda this morning scratching my head! I honestly have NO clue what the store owner was saying. Something about something had changed? The weather? The price of eggs? Except I would have understood those sentences.

Its actually amusing, now that I am at a point where I understand everyone and pretty much everything they say - good to have a reminder that there is always more to learn.

I bet that store owner is giggling to himself right now thinking bout it ;)


  1. I've had exchanges like this in English! Sometimes you just don't know what a person is talking about.

  2. Hahaha - Been there my friend!!!

    For all you know he was speaking Mayan. LOL. In Cancun that happens a lot at the taco stands. Or heck, hubby and his friends can speak in "slang" and I have noooo clue what they are saying. They know it, and I hate it. LOL.