Friday, November 9, 2012

A little botana to share

Of course I cracked the code to street food already! Im not gonna waste precious pesos paying someone else to make us junk food!!

Doritos (nacho or the black spicy bag)
Peanuts (Japoneses if you are in MX)
Salsa Valentina or Botanera
Miguelito (the powdered chili mix)

Feel free to add or leave out as you see fit. They sell them with cuervitos (thats not the right word... But we dont eat them so I can never remember the word- the white jelly slimy things?) and also right in the Dorito bag here in good ole Mexico City.

May I add my inlaws have had these things their whole lives and I had my first bag this past month and have already replicated them at home? Yes, the inlaws approved of my copy cat version. I win again!


  1. Hahaha - fantastic work!!

    I've never seen such a combination....Cancun isn't advanced I guess. LOL. I know hubby is always tleling me he misses the food in DF. He's from Cuernavaca but says you can't get any of it here. LOL!!

    I do LOOOVE Tajin with jicama, cucumbers and carrots. Splash of lime. So refreshing!!!

    Oh and japoneses!! Mmmm!!!!!

    1. Make him some and rock his world! (Me than you already do Im sure!)

      And oymygoodness I almost spit coffee all over my iPad when I read about the doctor declaring your vagina very clean :)

      (That should send all my 3 readers over to your blog ASAP heheheh)

      How is the little one growing? Any special cravings? Too bad Im not in Cancun or I would make you a ring sling to carry the babe in ;)

    2. Hahah.. That first kine is supposed to say "MORE than yu already do"

      Hilarious typo!

  2. the word you can not remember is "cueritos"

    1. Thank you! I knew I was close but a little off ;)

  3. Hey there, girl!! Just found your blog. My mouth is looks delish! Must find those sauces here in the international foods market!

    1. I am sure you will be able to find them for sure! The Salsa Botanera is a liquid chile, red, kinda like tabasco (but nit the same) . Miguelito (the one labeled tajin) is a powered mix, and the chamoy is a red liquid, but a deeper red than the botanera... Kinda a maroon color with flecks in it. Its kinda shiny LOL .

      I am so glad you found us too! Not that our life is super interesting, but.... <3