Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why you shouldn't raise your kids

As picky eaters.

One day, they will grow up and need to cook for themselves. They will have conversations with others that look a little something like this...

(words in brackets are thoughts, not spoken aloud)

Ms.PickyPants: So, what should we make for dinner?
Me: Well, we had chicken last night and pork the night before. How about something vegetarian or beef?
Ms.PickyPants: No, veggies, no. Because you eat and an hour later are hungry again!
Me: (last week you lectured my husband about how he is obsessed with meat and how you eat so healthy... Haha right) Um, ok - something beef then?
MPP: no, I'm honest, I dont really like beef.
Me: a fish dish then?
MPP: no, the guy who sell fish is gone for the day
Me: (well, if you didnt take 3 hours to shower and put makeup on that wouldnt be a problem but.....) ok, then pork again? You don't like chicken.
MPP: True. How about a soup? Chicken soup?
Me: (you just said you dont like chicken, but ok.....) sure! We just need some veggies then and chicken. Quick and easy
MPP: which veggies?
Me: like normal, carrots, chayote, corn, maybe some broccoli for fun
MPP: ay, broccoli no. Pretty much no one here likes cooks broccoli. We only eat it raw.
Me: ( we have made steamed broccoli four times in the past couple months. Are you now just playing with me?) ok, you pick all the veggies then . Whatever you want (stop asking me what we should make then!)
MPP: or, we could do Enfrijoladas.
Me: sure. Just need sour cream, cheese and flour tortillas
MPP: I really dont like sour cream. And flour tortillas, those are so unhealthy for you.
Me: (last time we made the dish, thats how we made it. Time for an excuse to get out of this conversation...) ok... Um I think the baby needs changed.

This conversation happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. I usually shrug and say "whatever you guys want to make". In case you are wondering, many other sources of protein are out of the question. Turkey, duck, rabbit, egg, tofu and most veggies sources of protein are all a no go. We bought this delicious peking style duck (served with the sweet plum sauce, served at some asian restaurants in the States?) and MPP above had one bite and then ate potato chips.

On that note, pretend to enjoy the imaginary picture below of the little one eating chicken feet for the first time. The big girl has had chicken feet many times before and loves them. Apologies for the imaginary pic, someone lost their SD card reader for the iPad. Oops.


  1. Keep cooking veggies! Then Ms. PP will be motivated to go up and help install your kitchen cabinets so you can make dinner for your crew and she can eat her potato chips in peace;)

    1. Guess what I made for dinner? Fish. And Barley. And a huge salad.

      Bwahaha, I am evil
      , when she isnt in the house I cook whatever I want and then she eats (or doesnt!) it.

  2. Conversations w/ Ms. PP sounds exhausting....

  3. Tara! I have missed you!! Off to check if you have update over @ The Mexican and Me. Welcome back amiga!

  4. Wow, she sounds like my SIL!! Exhaustingly ridiculous! LOL

    1. From what you have told us, I think that comparison is a fair one! :)