Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Another Conversation in Mexico

Toddler edition....

Walking home from the mercado today, my 3 year old exclaimed:

"GRACIAS bus!" (Then giggles with true joy and relief)

Silence while I look behind us, as a bus pulls away from the curb, wondering what she is thanking bus for.

Then she explains as she raises her eyebrows and motions with her hand-

"Bus hit me, no!? Ay, *Gigglegigglegiggle* gracias bus!"

She smiles and sighs. What a relief! She must be really concerned about being plastered by a city bus.


  1. Kids are so cute!!! I can't wait :)

    1. Your time is coming sooner than yiu can imagine! I remember those sweet belly months, wondering what her little voice would sound like when she grew. (Now she doesnt ever stop. I wonder where she gets that trait from?........ )

  2. Hahahaha I've ridden a bus in Mexico. It ranks in the top of my terrifying experiences, so I can see why she's thankful.

    1. So true! And thank yiu soooo much for stopping by, I didnt know you read my (littlekindalame) blog
      , :)