Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lesson learned

Leaving a 20 month old with my suegro for 45.7 seconds while I run to the restroom is NOT the same as leaving her with my suegra.

Our conversation when I returned from the bathroom went a little like this....

Me: "mami, sunscreen is not to drink!"
A: "chapstick?"
Me: "no mami, this isnt chapstick, this is sunscreen" ( as I frantically try and wipe the sunscreen out of her mouth...)
A: "mama, thirsty"
Me: "are you thirsty because you drank drank sunscreen?"
A: "agua, all gone!"
Me: "you drank sunscreen because you finished your water?"
A: "si."

Ok, that makes it so much better. At least you were problem solving.

We both learned a lesson- sunscreen isnt to drink and babies arent to be left with the suegro.

(Seriously speaking, he is great with the girls and they adore him. Except for this one sunscreen drinking incident LOL)

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  1. That's called self reliance! She'll go far with those honed survival skills!