Monday, February 20, 2012

Anyone have a flickr Pro account?

I am considering upgrading. The free acct has a limit of 200 pics at a time, amd within 6-7 weeks in MX I have already uploaded 184 .

The pro account has unlimited uploading for pictures, you have access to your original files (thinking this is helpful as our primary computers arent set up and wont be for months as far as photo storage goes. The laptop has a foot in the grave if you follow me, so Im always worrying about backing ip the photos) . Also lets you upload HD videos.

Cost is 6.95 for 3 months, 24.95 for a year and 44.95 for 2 years.

Since we dont pay ANY house bills right now here in MX, Im thinking maybe this would be ok? We also dont have cell phones, and will only be getting a cheapo one for either the hubs or I to have (whoever is out of the house will take it, the other has the house phone). Internet is cheap, I want to take over paying that for my MIL ( ummmm since she doesnt have a computer and doesnt know what the internet is... Pretty sure she shouldnt be the one paying that) its relatively cheap,around 20$ a month (US bucks) through TelMex.

Wow, those run on sentences look niiiice ;)

Anyone use flickr? I want something family back home can browse, otherwise I would use something else I guess.


  1. I have a pro account. I don't use mine that much though. But, it is nice having all those older pics accessible whenever. And, if you don't have a means to back up your pics, this is a good way to not lose data.

  2. I use my blog, Picasa, and Facebook. At first, I took tons of pics but, that sort of slowed down, my camara is like your laptop so, I only use it for special ocassions and use my cell for regular days.

  3. Valarie- I think you are right with the data thing. Thats what it boils down to with me,,, I take so many pics, sooo worried I would lose some!

    Stephanie- do you like picasa? I dont do facebook anymore,otherwise that would be a good idea for me. Hmmmm... What is wi electronics dying anyway? And they are soooo expensive here in MX.

  4. I dont have either, I have always saved all my photos at It is really easy to upload and I have photos saved from 2008 on there. I can look at them whenever and send certain files to family, also another plus if anyone ever wanted to print photos in the states I can just place an order and they can purchase them there close to home.

  5. What about an online printing website like shutterfly or snapfish? I have no idea if they have limits or how long they store data but they are free so perhaps at least worth looking into. I'm pretty clueless about such things so I should probably just wish you good luck and leave it at that:)