Friday, February 17, 2012

Rico rico rico

Sopes (at my request LOVE em) with beans, nopales, cilantro and onion, queso blanco and crema, and a chile de rayado.

And oh yeah, this gringa can make sopes by hand like the best of them ! ( ok maybe not the best but I impressed my MIL )

The girlies approved!!


  1. I love sopes too and yours look DELISH!!! The photo of your baby is adorable! :)

  2. Hi I am lisa over at From One Country to Another, also an expat.
    Everything looks so good. Especially the salsa, I have to put salsa on almost everything I eat. Great photos.

  3. I love sopes!!! Only problem they don't have them here in Monterrey or maybe I just haven't found them yet! LOL
    I have never tried to make them, the restaurant down the street from us in the States sold them really cheap and DELICIOUS!!! So, I never had to learn now, I have to learn to make them, you just made me crave them!

    You baby is so adorable!!!

  4. Sounds yummy! I love that pic of baby A. Too bad she doesn't like her Mami's cookin;)
    Xo Sasstress

  5. Thanks ladies. I think she is super cute too, but I tend to be a bit biased on that front ;)

    Stephanie, no sopes in Monterrey? Come visit DF ! We have got plenty here ;)