Friday, February 17, 2012

When I moved to MX

I had NO clue I would be thanking mt lucky stars for my inlaws. Mostly my suegra (MIL) and "cunis" (cuñada or SIL) .

Its amazing. I knew I did everything when it came to the girls, and it (usually) didnt bother me. What I didnt realize is its REALLY nice to have someone else hold your kid for 10 minutes. Or to have them feed them so you can eat a meal in peace. Or, like tonight, when your 9 month old ball of fire decides sleep is for the dead.... After listening to her cry off and on for 3 hours because she doesnt want to sleep.... You can give up, get up out of bed and hand her off to someone else. So instead of crying (which I was seriously on the verge of) you can make yourself some hot tea with canela while someone else deals with your hyper Chuckie child who wont sleep.

Maybe someone snuck her a Payaso when I wasn't looking? That goes great with a breastmilk and only "natural" foods diet, right? Chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick.

I wonder if her cousin (also an "A" baby, practically the same age) is ALSO wide awake. Hey cousin A , are you wide awake too? Its 12:42am here in MX, what it is 1:42 am there ? Lets have an international baBAY parTAY!


  1. While I don't live with my in laws, I am more than grateful for how much my MIL LOVES my girls and is willing to take them in a minutes notice.

    She has probably been the reason for my sanity down here. I worked full time in the States. Now I have a job that I do from home, so I am officially a stay at home mom here.

    Having time away from my girls is needed. Love them, but they can be a handful!

    Glad you are getting some relief.

  2. Valarie - thats pretty awesome that you can work from home now! My ideal situation would involve part time work from home, but not until we get settled into our own place.

    However, I just got an anti breastfeeding remark from the MIL to which I replied "ella esta mi hija" ...... Probably a really rude thing to say back (oops) because my MIL said nothing and left for the mercado in silencio.

    More on the anti breastfeeding story (including a doctor telling me the same) to come. Sigh.

  3. I am glad that you have a good relationship with your in laws! As you have read, I don't, well, not with my MIL but, with my FIL who is awesome!
    I am interested in the antibrestfeeding story! I have never heard of anybody muchless a doctor antibreastfeeding. Miguel's family all breastfed their babies, one of the babies is 2 1/2 and still breast feeds!

  4. Stephanie, its a funny story because everyone here seems so proud/ in awe that my 9 mon old drinks "puro pecho" . My hubby told them up front I was /am planning on extended (ie normal) breastfeeding.... They all thought that was great but now that shwiasick she needs water instead?

    And apparently she should be eating the same amount as my 2.5 yr old. Wha?!?! Craziness.

  5. You are DEFINETLY lucky to have this kind of relationship with your inlaws. Mine are pretty darn special and I've just had to learn to accept them as they are to make life easier for all of us.

  6. Oh man, ten whole minutes in someone else's arms? That sounds luxurious! Don't you worry, Michigan cousin A is keeping up the official 'All Night Baby Lookout' NOTB!
    Xo Sasstress

  7. Dear Cousin A - please keep me posted on more up all night missions ,iwouldlove toparticipate in any and all you have planned. My fav thing to do if to wake up and start talking to mamiin the middle of thr night. But when she offers me a binky or milk, I just laugh and keep talking. Try that one, my mami seems to think its pretty cute. (for about 4 minutes) - xoxo Your slightlyolder, slightly tanner cousin A

    Jackie- Im hoping with time things will be better because my Spanish will be better. Did you ever have communication issues because of a language barrier? I know you have been here for 20 years so I bet your spanish is rockin ;)